Yours Truly Francesca, Dedicated to My Lovely Mom.

Today would have been my mama's 71st birthday. I can't believe it's been 4 1/2 years since she passed on, but she's still with me every day. I always feel her all around me, especially today. My shoppe, Yours Truly Francesca, is dedicated to my mom; Judy Parks Price.  She would have loved this for me and been so excited to see my website finally completed.  She was a beautiful lady, in all ways.  

Thank you, Mama, for being my mom, all the motherly things that go with this. Thank you for teaching me to be independent and strong-minded. Thank you for sharing with me your love of plants and flowers, and for passing on to me your 'green thumb'. You had such lovely flawless skin, and taught me to take care of mine and why it's important not to skimp or skip, ever! Your illustrious escapades with hair color were passed on to Missy and not me, thank goodness! Thank you for teaching me compassion by letting me tend to you when you were bedridden in those early years of your illness. I know it was so hard for you to allow that, but I was honored to do it. Thank you for your strength of character and never giving up on being well again. You were always hopeful of better days, and every day with you was a blessing.  Even when we were frustrated with each other, it was only dealing with your pain that caused friction between us. I can't imagine all the pain and disappointment you dealt with, but you always kept going, and hoping, and trying. You're always with me; I see you in every butterfly that flutters in the breeze, every flower in my garden, and every plant in our home.  I love you, Mama, always.  Happy Birthday.

‍P.S.  I'm trying to watch out for Missy. She's a stubborn one; I can't imagine where she got that!!

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