The Magical Essence of Roses

Roses must surely grace the gardens of Angels.  Their stunning beauty and intoxicating scent are truly heavenly!  It's perfectly fitting such a glorious flower be so versatile and therapeutic.  Roses have been revered for their healing properties and spiritual qualities since ancient times.  These beauties are symbolic of love, which is connected to your heart chakra.  Using rose essences with focused intention can help raise your personal energy vibration frequency and help you radiate Love or Above.

Here are a few other enchanting benefits of roses:

* Organic Rosewater is a magnificent beauty treatment for under-eye puffiness. Dab cool rosewater onto organic cotton balls and rest them on your eyes. You'll soon feel the soothing essence of the roses restore clarity and brightness to the windows of your soul.

* The anti-inflammatory properties of rosewater reduces redness of the face; an excellent toner if you have rosacea or acne-prone skin. Instantly hydrates and soothes irritations, including sunburn or windburn. Rosewater is a legendary beauty treatment for maintaining glowing, healthy skin.

* Rinse your hair in rosewater after shampooing. Not only will you have a vibrant, luxurious shine on your hair, you'll have a delightful scent accompany you throughout the day. 

* Rose body oil & coconut oil - this mixture is wonderful for abhyanga (self-massage).  It's fragrant, cooling, and healing properties offer a blessed relief for aggravating menopause symptoms.

* Rose essences used in aromatherapy can add a whole new layer of veneration to your daily routine. Try spritzing your bed linens with rosewater to help you relax and fall into a blissful slumber, graced by the sweetest dreams.

* Add rosewater to your ice water, teas, and fruit juices. Try this refreshing recipe:  2t. of lime juice, a few drops of rosewater, 1t. Agave syrup, & 2c. Spring water. Tweak the amounts until you get a combination that makes your taste buds hum with pleasure.

* Try rose extract in your baking/cooking recipes. Remember 'Quail in Rose Petal Sauce' from Like Water for Chocolate? This recipe calls for Attar of Roses, but you can use rose extract if you can't readily find this ingredient. There are some very tempting recipes using roses on Pinterest.  So many in fact, I couldn't narrow it down enough to list all my favorites here.  Pinterest = FABULOUS!

I would love to hear from you!  Will you share with me your favorite ways to enjoy the delightful pleasures and healing properties of the inspiring rose?

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