A Blessing of Love and Sisterhood

         As we take a breath and call for The Universal Presence, The Divine in the form of The Goddess, we breathe in The Essence of The Divine as Love, as Beauty and as Blessing.  As we know, this Presence is perfection in all things.  We also know this abundance of health and well-being is ours, as our nature is perfect in its wholeness.  We each, as Sisters of the Crone, experience these things as a right of our Divine Soul.  Accepting this blessing, we become an aspect of Divine Perfection through proper alchemy and loving treatment of ourselves.  May all women who journey here find opportunity to relax in these pages knowing questions can be answered and lives enriched. Self-expression is supported and beauty revealed as we discover elements and inspirations for our whole system nourishment.  Enter here, Sister of mine, and discover the magick that Sisterhood of the Crone offers for our greater goodness and Divine Self.

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