Who is the Crone?

“Change your perspective,
change your world!”

For me, The Crone is a symbol of the divine feminine that resides within each of us. As we grow and mature, we move from Maidenhood to Motherhood to Cronehood. Menopause signifies we have entered the next cycle of our life as women. A time for us to turn inward and deepen our spirituality. Sisterhood of the Crone is for women who are ready to shed the cloak of youth and embrace the beauty and power of The Crone.

The Crone is strong and compassionate. She is self-sufficient, self-reliant,  loving and kind.  A wise healer and guide, a patient mentor within her family and her community. A revered and valuable member of society.

It’s my heart’s desire to honor and revive the Traditions of The Crone. First, within our own heart so we can approach this stage of our life with the reverence and celebration it deserves. Then to empower each of us to stand and be proud of the mature and vibrant woman we’ve become.

 A little bit about me...

Hi, I'm Lisa, aka; Francesca

My world revolves around my family and my home. We live at the top of the beautiful 'Hill Country' in North Central Texas.  I love it here, country life fits me perfectly.  Mother Nature is my best friend and constant companion.  I'm a bright-side-silver-lining kind of person. As a young girl, Florence Nightingale was my hero. I love being of service to anyone I can help.  SOTC is my way of sharing, connecting, and serving from my little corner of the universe.

“This time, this place, this moment…. everything is as it should be.”

Through Sisterhood of the Crone, I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years to help make your transition to the domain of The Crone smoother and more joyful – as it should be. Aging, despite its many challenges, can be a beautiful time in our life.

Each of us will experience this passage differently, but it doesn’t have to be painful, hidden, or lonely. There are many healthful options to explore on this mid-life journey; the benefits of deep breathing and gentle yoga, therapeutic aromatherapy,   conscious prayer and mindful meditation, natural supplements, and judicious health practices. If you seek to discover natural wellness and beauty solutions that harness the potent power of Mother Nature and Ancient Ayurveda Wisdom, Sisterhood of The Crone is for you. Open your heart and your mind to new possibilities. Experience the bliss of a balanced and harmonious life.

I know first-hand how arduous it can be to locate reliable, nature-based information that offers trustworthy guidance and support as we face the physiological and emotional realities menopause often brings.  Typically, the information we receive about menopause focuses only on the negative. The absurd obsession of mainstream society with youth-based beauty and physical perfection can sometimes incline mature women to feel like we are less, unattractive, or unwanted... when the reality is we are more!  We have more choices, more power, more freedom, more confidence, and more opportunities to be and do exactly as we desire… to be happy in our own skin.

My Story

‘Yours Truly,

When I was a young woman, my mom and I dreamed of running a shop together when we were ‘old ladies.’ It would be a bookstore/bakery and serve as a gathering place for the women in our small town. There’d be many varieties of plants, fresh flowers, a crochet circle, and kittens everywhere. It wouldn’t be fancy, but it would be a happy, comfortable space full of friendship and love.

It was a dream that I still hold very fondly in my heart.

My mom was my closest friend and a beautiful person. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the easiest life. She struggled with Collagen’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and depression from the time she was in her early 30’s. She lived with excruciating pain every day and was home-bound for many years. My mom was only 67 when she died, way too young.

Mama once told me that she never felt like her name suited her. She said if she could have chosen a name for herself, it would have been Francesca. She loved this name, and when she daydreamed, she became Francesca; young, healthy, confident, and adventurous.

She is still fondly remembered in our little hometown. Everyone knew her to be a kind and giving person. One of her endearing habits was to send little cards to people, and she always signed them with ‘Yours Truly’. We decided that the name of our shop would be ‘Yours Truly, Francesca’ so she could finally be the woman she’d always felt she was in her heart and mind.

Remember back with me to the 1970’s…. when Carol Burnett had her weekly variety show. Our whole family had the best time watching this program. Even years later Mama and I enjoyed spending time together watching the reruns. At the end of every episode, Ms. Burnett would tug her earlobe as a sign to her grandmother that all was well and that she loved her. My mom loved this: she felt it was such a loving way to pay tribute; although made as a public display, still sending a private message. And so signing my posts as ‘Yours Truly, Francesca’ is my version of tugging my earlobe and paying tribute to my mama.

I don’t have the kind of shop we envisioned we’d share, but this online space of Sisterhood of the Crone is still a special place for women to meet, read, share, and connect with friends, just like we imagined.

All is well, mama. I love you.
With Gratitude

I would like to give thanks to some of the people who have helped along my way.  Sisterhood of The Crone would never have been more than a scribble in my notebook without their patience, encouragement, and assistance.

  • My Sweet Husband, Raymond ~ Raymond has always encouraged me to follow my heart and my dreams and supported me along the way. Thank you, My Love, for everything.
  • My Sister and Best Friend, Missy ~ Missy challenges me to be my best, and she makes me laugh every day. She was my first fan and supporter.
  • Cassandra Lane ~ ‘Word Wizardess Extraordinaire’. Cass helped organize my thoughts and ideas and refine the message I wanted to convey to my virtual sisters. She helped me find my voice and put everything into perfect professional order. Thank you, Cass.  www.WildSpirit.co
  • Anna Sabatini ~ Web Design Artist Anna listened to me. We have been on the same wavelength from day one.  She heard what I wanted and was able to incorporate all of my 'wish list' into this beautiful end-result.  My website was initially in a different format that was not user-friendly for me.  When I discovered Webflow, I found Anna (thankfully) and now my dream lives.  Thank you so much, Anna!
  • Melissa Clouner ~ Melissa created and designed my lovely butterfly logo. This logo is from the heart, both mine and Melissa's. She understood the symbolism I wanted to convey and after many hours and countless revisions she nailed it!  Thank you, my friend, for your creativity, patience, and persistence.  
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  • #10 & #11 ~ Thank you.