Welcome to Sisterhood of the Crone

Have you ever asked yourself WHAT IF life during and after menopause, life as a woman traveling through our autumn and winter stages, could feel like the most exultant and joyous time of our life?

What if growing older wasn’t the woe modern society believed it to be, but instead a glorious gift?

Sisterhood of the Crone is devoted to helping women honor and care for ourself with loving kindness and patience during this physical and emotional transformation. Menopause is challenging in many ways, no doubt, but can also be beautiful and liberating!  There is joy to be found as we travel through this new season of change – a wondrous and exciting opportunity to grow and become our true, authentic self.

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“Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”– Betty Fried

Happiness and inner peace aren’t a destination, but a state of mind. A personal choice we make every day and a vital component of this amazing journey we are making thru mid-life. This journey, yours and mine, is a journey of discovery;  of letting go and moving forward,  of turning inward and slowing down, but in a good way. Shifting our focus and centering ourselves to be more in tune with our natural, feminine essence.

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” – Unknown

I want to share my treasure trove of organic wellness and natural beauty remedies that will help you shine brightly inside and out! Mother Nature & Ayurveda have everything we need to restore balance and harmony to our changing mind, body, and spirit. Embrace this time of change!  Acknowledge the sacred metamorphosis that is taking place within you; feed it, nurture it, honor it.  Forged by fire, tempered in love, our inner crone arises strong and beautiful.

“ 'Help one another’ is part of the religion of Sisterhood.” – Louisa May Alcott

Sometimes what we need is the love and support that only a sister can provide. This Sisterhood is a haven where you can come to visit, to laugh, to cry, or just be heard.  Women supporting each other and lifting each other up in love and friendship is a time-honored tradition. Sisterhood of The Crone is this kind of ‘community’. Reach inward and harness the power of your divine feminine, and then connect and share this wisdom with others who reach out for friendship and support.

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